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Heather Killough-Walden har självpublicerat över 20 böcker hos till exempel Amazon och är en av New York Times bästsäljande författare. Gillar du att läsa om heta vampyrer, varulvar och änglar rekommenderar jag varmt att läsa hennes böcker. Här kan du läsa en intervju som jag gjort med Heather!

What advice would you give to new self-published authors?

 “Never give in, never give in, never, never, never-in nothing, great or small, large or petty - never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.” It was a tribute to strength and perseverance, written and spoken by a great man. Of course, it was about war. But then so is writing.


How has self-publishing changed your life?

Like most writers - and I'm talking about something like 999 out of every 1,000 - I hopelessly banged my poor fragile head against the steel wall of god-complexed print publishers and failed. For ten years. For some reason, the editors who accept manuscripts for publishers, and also the agents who show the manuscripts to those publishers in the first place - don't normally recognize a best seller when they see one. Which became obvious when self publishing turned into a reality with Kindle and Nook and other eBook publishers who opened the door for indie authors... who then went on to publish and make bestseller lists left and right. Like me. So self-publishing didn't only change my life, it MADE my life. I am now a New York Times bestselling author. Because I published myself.


Why would you recommend other authors to try self-publishing?

The bottleneck frustration of attempting to print publish is no longer a necessary suicide-inducing evil. See above.


How did your career as an author start?

I’ve been writing since I was five. I love words. I adore them like I adore autumn and pumpkin patches and Trick-or-Treating and thunder storms and kittens. They are my faithful companions - my loyal friends. My career as an author is not actually a career so much as a life choice. The way some people are Christians. Or vegetarians. Or octogenarians.


Needed another “-arian” in there.

Which of your books would you recommend new readers to start with and why?

It would depend on which genre they preferred. If they like romantic actions and thrillers, then Hell Bent. Actually, no matter what they like, I would probably recommend this one first. It’s my favorite. It’s just about everyone’s favorite once they’ve read it.


If they like paranormal romance, then start with the Big Bad Wolf series (intense beginnings – awesome, incredible, justifying ending) and move on into the Kings series, which is a direct spinoff of the BBW.


If angels are their thing, then clearly there’s the Lost Angels series. Azrael is a tempting literary morsel….


Young adult paranormal romance fans (Twilight fans) will find what they’re looking for with Sam, Dominic, and Logan in The October Trilogy.


Intermediate and young adult fans who like to grow with the literature (the way readers did with Harry Potter) will love Forever Neverland. This one’s a masterpiece.


As is Redeemer, but in a different way. Redeemer is grown up, hard-hitting, action-packed, intense, and not for the weak of spirit or closed of mind. Romantic undertones galore (not to mention vampires), but there’s a very adult message to this one.


A Sinister Game is a stand-alone romantic science fiction and fantasy novel that is as sinfully hot as it is because I wrote it after dreaming of its main male character. When this happens, I am able to incorporate the most intensely, darkly charismatic attributes to my bad/good guys. It makes them undeniably dream-worthy in return. This one is a must-read.


If they want a few vampire romance novellas (that are really not that short at all),  go for Vampire, Vampire. Both are hot. One is definitely not for prudes.


The Chosen Soul series is fantasy romance – devils, witches, elves – in a world filled with undeniable lust, powerful passions, and more magic and might than you could shake a wand at. Ask anyone who has read this series to tell you about Drake of Tanith… and watch their eyes glaze over with longing.


How does a regular writing day look like for you?

There are no regular writing days. They’re all different and unpredictable and bizarre (and inordinately full). My mind is a blissfully and terribly UNregular place to be. ;)